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Employing traditional furniture making techniques and materials, I build forms and structures with results that are, at times, untraditional. My interest lies in the pursuit and potential of the medium as an expressive device. I use hardwood, paint, and graphite to create my works. The forms are generally streamlined in order to better play the role of an empty canvas for color and line. I activate the wood by painting and drawing onto its surface. This painting is not an act of irreverence for the material; instead I am interested in realizing its potential as something other than its naked self. My color palette is rich yet flat. I animate the painted surface with drawn marks consisting of varied arrangements of lines and dots; the combination of these marks result in an exciting, and somewhat quirky, dialogue of characters. I strive to create objects which possess an apparent sense of spontaneity, balance of chaos and order, rhythm and gesture, all working in concert to imbue the object with individuality and charm.